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CLEA Seminars

Since its foundation in 1995, CLEA has been organizing public research seminars, typically about twenty per academic year. For previous series, see the Past seminars and ECCO seminars. Since recently, some of these seminars are organized in series on specific topics, such as COT x Music, or Longevity+.

Speakers present their on-going research on various topics within the broad, multidisciplinary CLEA domains and then get feedback from the audience. The intention is to discuss in depth the ideas and issues proposed, and to look for transdisciplinary connections with other topics. Speakers are requested to avoid technicalities, so that people from different backgrounds can follow their presentation.

A seminar typically lasts two hours, with about one hour presentation and one hour discussion. Video recordings are usually streamed live and aftewards published on our YouTube channel.

For whom?
Everybody interested in the topic. The discussions are informal and interactive. Most participants are experienced researchers and CLEA affiliates, but we regularly welcome students and people from outside academia. Depending on the topic, live audiences are about 8-20 people, but video recordings may reach thousands of views.

Where ?

For the moment the seminars are given online via the ZOOM platform. 

In non-COVID times, seminars are given on the main VUB campus, typically in room D.1.08, or occasionally in the CLEA house. After the seminar, participants usually go for a drink in the nearby Opinio cafe to continue the discussion in a more relaxed atmosphere.

How do I keep informed?

You can subscribe to our mailing list where we announce seminars about 5 days in advance. You can also subscribe to our public Google Calendar. Seminars are further announced on our website (this page) and Facebook page.

If you are interested to present your own research in one of our series, please contact us with your proposal and check the Instructions for people preparing to present a seminar.