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Longevity+ Seminars

The Longevity Plus seminars are part of the research and dissemination activities of the research group "Longevity Plus: a transdisciplinary study of well-being", which is a part of CLEA. Speakers from different disciplines present systemic approaches to health, fitness and well-being, after which the research is discussed by the people attending. Seminars are normally recorded and can be watched on our YouTube playlist.

The seminars are organized by Dr. Shima Beigi. They usually take place on Tuesday afternoons every other week, and are free to attend for everybody. Please contact Dr. Beigi if you would like to present your work in this series.


Preliminary program for autumn:



07/09/2021 inauguration of the second series by Dr. Marios Kryiazis

Lecture title: The fallacy of the longevity elixir- and the promise of an alternative model against human ageing


21/09/2021 Parkour workshop / at VUB campus/ by Dr. Evo Busseniers

Lecture title: Parkour for wellbeing 



05/10/2021 Prof. Em. Dr. Reginald Deschepper

Biohacking as a way to prolong lifespan in good health?


19/10: Dr. Kris Verburgh

Novel biotechnologies to enable longevity



Dr. Elisaveth Kiourti (to be Confirmed)

Prof. Francis Heylighen (Confirmed)


December Events 

Roundtable (Speakers to be announced) 


Longevity Plus Comic Series (Online) 

Longevity Plus Christmas Lunch (3 course menu - Registration is needed for booking the place)