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Reaction networks and multi-level evolutionary phenomena - Daniela Flores

Location: room D 2.06, VUB
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Systemic Modeling seminar 01:
Reaction networks and multi-level evolutionary phenomena
Daniela Flores

Friday 24 September 2021
16:00 - 18:00 h
room D 2.06, VUB campus

In this talk I am going to approach evolutionary phenomena as a multilevel process and address the advantages of reaction networks as a modeling framework. As a first example we will review body development, where genetic, epigenetic and spatial information about the organism interact to generate its form, and that is also limited by constraints. As a second example we will review "endosymbiosis", which is an ecological interaction where one organism (generally one celled organism) lives inside the cells of another organism (generally a bigger one). Such interaction leads to the enhancement of the traffic of elements that could be useful for both organisms, allowing them to generate ecological and evolutionary adaptation. We will review and discuss how these phenomena can be represented by means of reaction networks and how the latter contributes to a more clear understanding of multi-level development and evolution in general.

Daniela Flores: Dr. (C) in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Chile, B.Sc in Biology from the University of Chile, Diploma of Philosophy of Sciences and complex systems (IFICC) and professor of biology (University of Chile, Academia Narvezzi). Daniela is the general coordinator of the DICTA Foundation. She has experience and training in scientific research in the areas of evolutionary biology and developmental biology (EvoDevo), experience in fluorescence microscopy and confocal microscopy, and in scientific dissemination from the generation of didactic activities and the development of homemade scientific equipment together with children and young people, activities developed with microworld and BackyardBrainsChile. Daniela also has a great interest in the arts, particularly participating in choirs as a lyrical singer, doing painting, drawing, and fabricating fablab devices that contribute to the integrate art and science.