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Longevity Plus seminar: Parkour for wellbeing workshop - Evo Busseniers

Location: VUB campus, at the entrance of building Q, the most upper entrance
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We are cordially inviting you to the workshop Parkour for wellbeing by Evo Busseniers. Longevity Plus seminar series are organized by the CLEA Longevity Plus Research Group: a transdisciplinary approach to wellbeing. The group aims to integrate and elaborate scientific approaches towards a long and happy life.  

Parkour for wellbeing workshop
by Evo Busseniers 

Tuesday 21 Sept 2021
17:00 - 18:30 CET

Location: VUB campus, at the entrance of building Q, the most upper entrance
*Covid-measurements: we'll be outside, respecting social distancing.
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In this workshop you will discover in theory and practice how parkour can increase physical and mental well-being. Parkour is a sport where practitioners (traceurs) move as efficiently as possible through an (often urban) environment. Walls and any obstacle become challenges, opportunities for a variety of possible movements. Traceurs make their own path, and don’t follow the path as it was meant by the architecture. This philosophy can be applied to every aspect of life, not just movement. We will explore which methods traceurs use to overcome fear or other obstacles, and how this can improve mental health, by extrapolating these methods to other situations. Parkour also brings a functional physical health. This workshop will partly be theoretical, but you will also get the opportunity to put these ideas into practice, so if possible put on some clothes and shoes you can move in, and bring some water.



Evo Busseniers has done a Master in Mathematics, after which he did an Interdisciplinary Phd at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). In short, this thesis investigates anarchist ideas in a mathematical and abstract way. At the moment Evo is doing a postdoc on the origins of goal-directedness. But he also likes practical stuff. He has been practicing parkour for 8 years, has followed a teaching training and will give a course on it in the VUB program. 





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