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K Petrovic

Katarina Petrovic

ArtScience, Cosmogony, Generative Poetry, Affiliated researchers


Katarina Petrović is an artist and researcher working at the intersection of art, science and philosophy. She holds a MMus diploma from ArtScience Interfaculty, Royal Academy of Arts and Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and an MFA equivalent diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Looking into the processes of creation (cosmogony) in general and language and meaning-making in particular, her work often takes the form of generative installations, (computer-generated) poetry or research texts. In both practice and research, her work follows a cybernetic and systems theory approach. Designing processes and modular structures, she makes open-ended, interactive systems using elements such as code, radio, sound and drawing. Katarina is an affiliated researcher at Center Leo Apostel, Vrije Universiteit in Brussels where she also coordinates the ArtScience research group. She is a co-initiator of ArtScience Forum, a platform for open discussion about the potentials and limitations of ArtScience practice today. She exhibits, lectures and presents her work internationally.