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Instructions for seminar presenters

Here are instructions for people preparing to present a seminar in one of our CLEA series.

In order to prepare the invitation of the seminar, i.e. a ‘flyer-type’ announcement, we require the following information of the speaker:

  • Title of the seminar
  • Abstract  (about 200 words - 1 paragraph) 
  • Short bio of the speaker (about 100 words - 1 paragraph)
  • A photo of the speaker (preferably)
  • an extra image to illustrate the topic (optional)
  • a link to your home page, and possibly 1-3 (web) references, where interested people can find more information about the topic of your talk. (optional)

Deadline: we need this information 2 weeks before the date of the seminar. We will send you a  reminder 3 days before the deadline. 

You should prepare enough material for a one-hour talk, not more. With questions and discussions during and after the talk, this should result in a total seminar duration of about 2 hours.

After the seminar

After the seminar we would appreciate getting the outline or text of your presentation (PowerPoint, pdf, text or other format) to make available for the audience. 

If the speaker agrees with our live streaming recording, videos of seminars are made available on our ‘CLEA VUB Transdisciplinary Research Seminars’ youtube channel.