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Gys Godderis

Gys Godderis

Postgraduate School of Thinking, Affiliated researchers


  • Founder & chairman at Planet Polaris
  • Director at The Fellows – CLEA (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • Founder & chairman Kledingpunt
  • Provost Buckminster College Bruges
  • Phd Candidate CLEA (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • Founder Clever&Cool

Being interested for years, in a wide array of knowledge fields, and a broad spectrum of subjects, either useful or not, Gys became intrigued in thinking concepts that emerge from combining insights from seemingly unconnected fields. Today, he is exploring his conceptions of a potential new theory of ambicentric vs. monocentric thinking, investigating how human beings could put an emphasis, in their relations towards the other, on the mindset rather than on the actions (or the results) in order to create a framework for identifying thinking processes, in such a way that it adds new dimensions to our worldview but also provides us, from the early start of the process, with an awareness of the worldview of the other. The expected outcome of this study is firstly, to contribute to the theoretical discourse in thinking concepts and the cognitive orientation / exploration of the individual in particular, or the explorative community in general. Secondly, to transpose the thus created contribution to an applied explorative framework and methodology and thirdly, to apply this framework and methodology from theory, to practice into a new format looking at our worldview from other meta perspectives. Simultaneously, he is particularly interested in the resurgence in research on psychedelics over the last two decades and how naturally occurring psychedelic prodrugs might add new dimensions to our theory of mind, crucial for success in everyday human social interactions.