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Gert Goeminne

Gert Goeminne

Postdoc in Science & Technology Studies Centre for Sustainable Development Ghent University, Former researchers


Dr. Gert Goeminne currently works at the Centre for Sustainable Development
Ghent University and is a former CLEA-researcher (2007-2014) who has been closely involved in the workings of CLEA for many years.

Originally trained as a nuclear physicist (PhD 2001), Gert Goeminne soon felt the urge to question the foundations of the scientific attitude and the intricate relationship between science, technology, and society. Since obtaining a postdoctoral fellowship in Science and Technology Studies from the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) in 2007, he increasingly saw himself as an interdisciplinary scientist who consciously operates at the intersection between fundamental research on the one hand and a normative engagement with sustainability and social justice on the other.

Research interest: Transitions and Future StudiesScience and Technology Studies and Politics