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Felix  Kaputu

Felix Ulombe Kaputu

anthropology, shamanism, interdisciplinary studies, Former researchers


Felix Ulombe Kaputu has defended his Interdisciplinary PhD in CLEA (joint with Ghent University) with the following thesis:
“Chilima” and the Remaking of Chokwe Identity: An Exploratory Interdisciplinary Study on Globalization, Material Traditions and Gendered Cosmo-Polity.
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Jan Broekaert (CLEA), Prof. Dr. Koenraad Stroeken (Univ. Gent) & Prof. Dr. Sandro Sozzo (CLEA & Univ. Leicester)

Dr. Kaputu's interests are Anthropology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Literature, World shamanism and Gender, and he specializes in African religion and oral tradition. He is presently teaching at Fordham University.