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CLEA seminar. The Simultaneous Policy Campaign - by John Bunzl and Jochen Beckers

Location: VUB Etterbeek campus - room D.1.07 or online via zoom (link below)
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The Simultaneous Policy campaign: A real-life example of an emergent, goal-directed, world governance entity


by John Bunzl and Jochen Beckers


In this seminar, John Bunzl and Jochen Beckers present their 'goal-directedness' research project which allows them to develop an understanding of how goal-directed entities evolve out of networks of smaller-scale entities that face a cooperation barrier. They will present the 'Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign' as a real-life example of an emerging, global, goal-directed entity that has evolved from networks of nation-states and corporations. This entity seeks to drive nation-states to simultaneously implement solutions to global collective-action problems such as climate change. Bunzl and Beckers will provide early evidence of Simpol’s capacity to compel national politicians to support the campaign, giving an indication of its potential to manage nation-states towards sustainability while also suppressing free-riding.

The Speakers:

John Bunzl is a political activist with a new and compelling vision for citizen-driven global cooperation. He champions global cooperation as critical to solving the challenges threatening our planet. John founded the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (Simpol) in 2002 to encourage citizens to use their national right to vote to drive politicians, parties and governments towards global cooperation. Since the organisation’s establishment, Simpol has successfully built a network of citizen supporters in over 100 countries and politicians in a number of countries support the Simpol campaign. John has established himself as a respected authority and commentator on global affairs. He strongly advocates the importance of the Evolutionary Worldview to understanding global problems and Simpol as a potential solution. His specialist expertise is in identifying and resolving both the political-economic and psychological barriers to global cooperation. John has authored and co-authored three books including 'People-Centred Global Governance – Making it Happen, Monetary Reform' written with the prominent monetary reformer, James Robertson and 'The Simpol Solution – Solving Global Problems Could Be Easier Than We Think', written with Nick Duffell. A number of John’s articles on global governance have been published in the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice, including 'Solving Climate Change – Achieving a Noospheric Agreement' (2009), 'Discovering an Integral Civic Consciousness in a Global Age' (2012), and 'Transcending First Tier Values in Achieving Binding Global Governance' (2012). He has lectured widely on global governance including at The Schumacher Society, The World Trade Organisation, The World Academy of Arts & Sciences (WAAS), The Lucis Trust and at universities around the world. John joins the Evolutionary Accelerator team as a passionate evolutionary activist and advisor. He offers his expertise as a successful businessman along with his extensive knowledge of global affairs to the Evolutionary Accelerator. He understands the significant opportunity the Evolutionary Accelerator offers as a vehicle for evolutionary activists to achieve their evolutionary goals.

Jochen Beckers is the National Coordinator of Simpol for France and Belgium. Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of non-violent communication brought a new twist to his life. As a diver, he saw during the last 20 years the world and the oceans changing. The result was an acceptance and love of nature. It gave him the insight to stand up for biodiversity and sustainability and a new way of living. His professional life started as a technical salesperson and he then went on to become a production manager for many years. At first, a political career was waiting for him, and then an international sales manager position took its place. Systematically he realised that life is all about evolving and that gave him a new direction. He worked as a mechanic, a cook, a waiter, a carpenter and now he works as a technical monitor helping people to renovate their houses. Evolution brought Simpol into his life. His love for nature is his source of energy and he will gladly let his 'sun' shine over the political landscape of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The policy of SIMPOL that he believes in - to further develop strategies for a better world for all - became the goal in his life. He invites people onto his boat of wonderful challenges in a world that is at the gateway to great new twists. Someone gave him the wise advice that “a good life is not necessarily an easy life”. Guided by Sai Maa.


The CLEA seminars are taking place simultaneously at the VUB campus in Etterbeek, Brussels, and online (via Zoom) and are open to everyone interested!

When. Friday June 3, 2022 from 14:00 until 16:00h

Where (live). VUB campus Etterbeek, room D.1.07

Online. You can follow online via Zoom:


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