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CLEA seminar: Deep biomimicry, natural design of a holistic intelligent society by Dr. Irene Nooren

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This lecture provides a deep dive into the holistic intelligence of a living organism. In and between cells building blocks like proteins and DNA cultivate balance and social cohesion. Interactions between biomolecules are core to the formation of cooperative and complex functional subsystems. Acknowledging proteins as the intelligent agents and DNA as the collective knowledge infrastructure in the comparison between molecular and human intelligence and society, leads to the exploration of patterns in information and communication structures. Analogies in agent archetypes, architectures of collective intelligence and networks, and mechanisms of knowledge exchange, process dynamics and probabilistic actions characterize holistic intelligence. The natural cooperative and governance principles that are fundamental to an holistic intelligent society provide inspiration for human evolution. This nanolevel system inspired worldview describes a natural perspective on social and technological structures. Considering a nested relationship between molecular and human cultures raises philosophical questions on the ontology of social structures, human creativity, consciousness, and free will. 

Key Words: 
Biomimicry, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Evolution, Digitalization, Probabilistic systems, Information Networks, Social Architecture, Nested Patterns, Agent-based modeling, System theory.

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Irene Nooren (PhD) is a structural biologist and bioinformatician. Her scientific work focuses on the characterisation of molecular interactions and networks between proteins. Since 2002, she has been managing innovation on the bridge between science and digital infrastructures. She holds a position at SURF, national ICT infrastructure in The Netherlands. In a blend of biology, informatics and philosophy her current work investigates natural principles of an holistic intelligent society. The nano-molecular world of life and system thinking is her inspiration.




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